Axxzia Mate for Eyes – beauty device for eye area

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500 Grams


AXXZIA MATE FOR EYES is the eye-focused beauty device designed to stimulate the orbicularis oculi muscle, crucial for the appearance of the eyes and surrounding areas. This device offers effective anti-aging care and effortless home eye lift treatments without downtime.

Enhanced Features

  • Upgraded EMS and LED Technologies
  • New RF Integration for Deeper Skincare Penetration

Key Features

  • Strengthens the Orbicularis Oculi Muscle: Provides a natural eye lift effect.
  • Three Customizable Modes:
    • Purple: EMS Low
    • Orange: EMS Medium + LED
    • Red: EMS High + LED
  • New RF Technology: For deep skin warming and enhanced collagen production.


  • Promotes Collagen Production: Results in firmer, more youthful-looking skin.
  • Reduces Signs of Aging: Addresses sagging and dryness around the eyes.
  • Compatible with Skincare Products: Enhances the effectiveness of your favorite products.

Advanced Technologies

  • EMS Technology: Delivers gentle electrical impulses to the orbicularis oculi muscle, mimicking natural muscle contractions to tone and strengthen muscle fibers.
  • RF Integration: Generates heat energy to penetrate deeper skin layers, enhancing muscle activation and promoting collagen production for firmer skin.
  • LED Therapy: Features LED lights with specific wavelengths (e.g., orange and red) that work synergistically with EMS and RF functions to rejuvenate the skin, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.

The device's flat head design and user-friendly interface ensure easy and effective use. Its compact size and elegant design, with pearl pink and pink gold accents, add a touch of sophistication to your skincare routine.

How to Use

  1. Cleanse and Tone: Start with a clean and toned face.
  2. Apply Skincare Products: Use your preferred skincare products.
  3. Use the Device: Select one of the three modes for targeted eye care (refer to the user manual for detailed instructions).
  4. Enjoy Results: Experience visible improvements and a refreshed appearance.

Product Specifications:

Size 35mm width x 35mm diameter x 175mm length.
Weight 120 g.
Battery: lithium-ion.
Materials: ABS, aluminum, stainless steel.
Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Output frequency: 90KHz ±5%
Case power consumption: 1.6 W ± 10%.
Included: main unit, adapter, charger, instruction manual.
Country of origin: China, design by Axxzia.