Dr. Arrivo Zeus III – cosmetology device

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1,200 Grams


Limited present: WMT Placenta Serum 30 ml, WMT Glow Up Serum 120 ml, WMT Placenta Gel 500 g of total value JPY65,560. 

Introducing the latest model Zeus III from Zeus, which is inspired by the popular product Zeus II.
By efficiently combining unique pulses such as tapping and hand press, you can experience effects like never before.


  • Zeus III, created using advanced technology, is a new era all-in-one facial beauty device. This handheld facial beauty device is equipped with an easy-to-operate touch panel.
  • Choose the mode that suits you that day and manage your time and conditions as you wish.
  • All-in-one. Equipped with six modes that utilize proprietary technology, this is an all-in-one compact facial device makes it possible to treat the skin with a single device, whereas previously multiple beauty devices were used.


  • TP – Tapping Pulse. Using our unique technology, we have achieved a pleasant stimulation similar to an esthetician's tapping by outputting pulses intermittently.
  • HP – Hand Press Pulse. Insert pulse*, EMS (muscle stimulation), and warming (medium/high frequency) are output simultaneously from the element.
    *Insert Pulse replenishes the serum components of the essence applied to your skin and maximizes its effects by applying painless electrical pulses.
  • Special Care. In addition to "TP" and "HP", this mode allows you to simultaneously output high-frequency waves that gradually warm your body. This is the ultimate home care treatment mode that pursues comfortable stimulation and warming effects. Supports skin concerns using wavelengths of light.
  • Dio Frequency. This mode uses two different types of high frequencies to heat not only the surface of the skin but also a wide range of areas, making your skin even firmer.
  • Daily Care. This mode allows you to increase the efficiency of EMS by warming up and exercising your muscles at the same time.


  • 9-MFIP - Mid Frequency Interval Pulse 90 kHz mid-frequency pulsation, which enhances the effect of electroporation, EMS, RF. Patented technology. Mid Frequency Interval Pulse adds a sensitive tapping sensation, as an esthetician would during a session, to relax your skin for an enjoyable experience.
  • UP/Ultra Pulse: Insert Pulse, EMS, and mid-to-high frequency waves working at the same time. Insert Pulse, or electroporation, is a technology that improves the penetration of active cosmetic ingredients into the deep layers of the stratum corneum. One of the types of non-invasive mesotherapy. Electroporation is used to introduce hyaluronic acid, collagen, placenta and other active beauty components that are responsible for skin elasticity, hydration and tone. Electroporation helps even substances with large molecules such as collagen and hyaluronic acid penetrate the skin barrier. UP/Ultra Pulse helps to simultaneously tighten muscles, warms skin and enhances beauty ingredient penetration using continuous electrical stimulation for an efficient facial experience at home.
  • EMS – electrical stimulation of the facial muscles with a pulse current. EMS contracts the small muscles of the face, keeps them in good shape. Electrical pulses enable stimulation to assist in firming and tightening of the facial muscles to help combat the effects of time.
  • RF radiolifting is the effect of high-frequency radio waves on tissues, which stimulates tissue energy processes such as collagen and elastin synthesis, angiogenesis, metabolism, and pore shrinkage. Radio waves heat the subcutaneous layer with a lifting and relaxation effect.
  • Photodynamic LED therapy is a cosmetic procedure using LED light that accelerates recovery processes, stimulates collagen production, improves elasticity, fights bacteria, evens skin tone and removes toxins. UV rays have a completely different wavelength, so LEDs can be used without damaging skin tissue.

LED therapy modules:

three modes: blue/red, blue/greeen, all.

  • Red LED – anti-aging care, 620nm wavelength. Improves blood circulation, stimulates the production of collagen, reduces pores.
  • Green LED – 530nm, anti-pigmentaion care, helps to improve texture and tone.
  • Blue LED – anti-inflammatory, helps with acne treatment, wavelength 415nm.


  • Accessories: Instruction manual and warranty, AC adapter, stand.
  • Source standard: Input AC100 ~ 240V
  • 50 / 60Hz
  • Output DC12V / 3A
  • Consumption power: Up to 20W
  • Output frequency: 90kHz / 200kHz / 100Hz
  • LED Wavelength: Blue 415nm (± 10nm), Green 530nm (± 10nm), Red 620 nm (± 10 nm)
  • Outer shape: Approximately 205 x 60 x 66 mm
  • Body weight: Approximately 186g

* Do not use in the bathroom as it is not waterproof.

Manufacturer: ARTISTIC & CO.

Please use this device with a gel or water-based serum (collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, peptides), this will allow the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. To prevent the serum from drying out during the procedure, apply it to the skin one by one. You can also find suitable serums in this product category.

How to use:

Apply lotion or serum and massage along the face. Follow the trajectories shown in the instructions (illustrations). After 10 minutes, the device switches off automatically.
Attention: do not use in the area of ​​the eyeballs and Adam's apple.
Be careful not to let LED light enter your eyes.

Made in Japan.