THE VZUSA ICARE beauty device

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500 Grams


Limited offer! Two presents: The Vzusa Moisture Eye Cream and The Vzusa Moisture Eye Serum value of JPY65,560.

The Vzusa iCare (Medusa) with Weekly/Daily Mode 

Unleash the power of precision with EPP (Extreme Pinpoint Pulse) mode, a breakthrough technology meticulously designed for targeted facial care. This compact and portable device combines essential functions for a comprehensive beauty treatment experience.

Key Features:

  1. EPP Mode (Extreme Pinpoint Pulse):

    • Delivers low-frequency stimulation precisely from the device tip, targeting fine areas around the eyes and wrinkles for unparalleled skincare.
  2. I/U Mode (Interval Pulse Rotation and Ultra Pulse):

    • Combines the IPR (Interval Pulse Rotation) and UP (Ultra Pulse) modes from the conventional Vzusa-Medusa. Automatically switches between modes for optimal skincare. Warms the skin and works on facial muscles while delivering beauty ingredients.
  3. EMS Mode (Electrical Muscle Stimulation):

    • Daily treatment for stimulating facial muscles. A gentle alternating current generates microwaves, working on facial muscles to enhance facial lines.
  4. LED Light Treatment:

    • Utilizes red light wavelengths to condition the skin environment, promoting firmness, gloss, and elasticity. Lights up during I/U and EMS modes. 

Function Introduction:

  • IPR Mode (Interval Pulse Rotation):

    • Enhances lift care ability with a unique technology that outputs UP intermittently in a fast rotation.
  • UP Mode (Ultra Pulse):

    • Simultaneously outputs insert pulse, EMS, and medium to high frequencies. Works on facial muscles and warms the skin for maximum effects.
  • EMS Mode:

    • Adjusts facial lines by gently flowing a weak alternating current between the elements.
  • EPP Mode (Extreme Pinpoint Pulse):

    • Pinpoint skin care with low-frequency electrical stimulation, ideal for small areas like around the eyes and wrinkles.


  • Accessories: AC adapter, USB cable, instruction manual with warranty, cap
  • Source standard: Input AC100 ~ 240V
  • 50 / 60Hz
  • Output DC5V / 1.0A
  • Consumption power: max 6W
  • Output frequency: 90kHz
  • LED Wavelength: Red 620nm (± 10nm)
  • Outer shape: Maximum 190 x 50 x 46 mm
  • Body weight: Approximately 115 g
  • Timer: 10 minutes

* Please note that it's not waterproof, so avoid use in the bathroom. 

Manufacturer: ARTISTIC & CO.

Please use this device with a gel or water-based serum (collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, peptides), this will allow the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. To prevent the serum from drying out during the procedure, apply it to the skin one by one. You can also find suitable serums in this product category.

How to use:

Apply lotion or serum and massage along the face. Follow the trajectories shown in the instructions (illustrations). After 10 minutes, the device switches off automatically.
Attention: do not use in the area of ​​the eyeballs and Adam's apple.
Be careful not to let LED light enter your eyes.